Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pretty Princess Party (say that fast 3 times)

Last night was OD’s belated 18th birthday party.  She asked her closest friends over for a party.  Ok, now get this…..

She’s 18.  The party was to run from 5pm to 8pm, because anything longer and she gets “cranky”.  They all had to dress up as princesses and the theme was Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (her and my favorite fairy tale by the way).R0013671This is what Texter and I did to the 4 foot pin-up of Belle.  They are removable  as OD will be adding them to her room.  Of course, I will not laugh the first time she walks into her room in the dark and scares herself thinking someone is standing there.

R0013632 OD is the center “princess” and the rest are her “court” (one was missing at this point).  I find it really neat they have been friends since middle school (6 years now) and I think they will be a group of people authors write about.  How 20, 30, 50 years later they are still in touch and know what each other is doing.  It’s really neat.

What was even nicer?  Poogles’ (on the far left) parents treated themselves to a 42 inch plasma TV as an anniversary present to each other.  Now what to do with that other TV?

R0013670Yep.  That’s it.  Twice as big as our old one and just fits on the shelf.  I know why people are going to plasma TV's.  People got tired of trying to move these heavy old beasts.  So how do you get a 10-ton TV up 2 flights of stairs?  You get the computer chair which has no arms and rollers and roll it into the parking lot.  With the screen (the heavy part) facing the back of the chair and 2 people holding it, you carefully roll it across the parking lot and up the sidewalk to the stairs.

Then, with 7 people in long dresses and heels giving you advise, you and non-partying daughter carefully lift the chair up 1 stair at a time, rest on each stair.  When you get to a landing, you stop, stand upright, breathe deeply, rub your back, push the chair over to the next group of stairs and repeat.

We did get the TV into the house (obviously) and onto the shelf.  Now my goal in the next couple of days is to figure out where on my desk/filing cabinet I can fit the old TV.  Currently, I have a really little TV a friend from work loaned me so someone could be in the living room and someone in the bedroom and watch TV.  I enjoy sitting at the computer and doing “stuff” and being able to watch TV.  OD comes in a lot of times to “bond” and to watch TV with me (make that kick me off the computer so she can use this one and talk to me at the same time).

By the way, the Jeopardy question on Saturday night was “Character from Shakespeare” and just about all the princesses had taken the Honors Shakespeare class last semester.  OD aced the answer first! 


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  1. Your story is so great and made me smile. I enjoyed the visual with the tv. LOL Happy Birthday to your daughter and happy day after Valentines to you. :)


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