Friday, March 27, 2009

101 Things in 1001 Days

I try at least once a week to read through some of the blogs I am interested in.  I use this time as a sense of inspiration, of connection to a world I am interested in, to learn, to savor with my coffee in the quiet time.

On one of the blogs I thought I read she was making a list of 1001 things she wanted to do in her life.  Actually, when I revisited it was 101 things Kathryn wanted to do in 1001 days. (Warning: do not visit her blog unless you want an truly wonderful experience.  She will motivate and inspire you tremendously.)  See what happens when you read things only half awake.

I was intrigued by what I thought thought was the original idea and started listing my 1001 things (sort of a bucket list I guess) and actually it’s really hard.  I could go pretty fast through the first 25, chug along to 50 and then it slows down.  I started jotting down ideas in my ITouch when I thought of them (although Kathryn’s “Blackberry” may be a new option). 

But still a long way from 1001.

When I went back and revisited her site and saw it was 101 things in 1001 days it put a different spin on things.  I pulled out my list and started separating it into 101 in 1001 days versus the whole 1001 things.  Since I plan on living to be 150 and I’m only 51, I figure I could eventually fit them in.

Then I needed a concrete time period for my 1001 days.  At first I thought 12/12/12 would be a good ending date since that’s when the world as we know it is suppose to end if you are into crystal skulls and such.  But that meant not starting until next year.

I then looked at ending on December 31, 2011.  Finish then and start 2012 with a new list (possibly).  It would be a good time to recap, reflect, redo.

Therefore, my 1001 days would start on April 4, 2009.  Fantastic!  My spring vacation starts then.  Everything fits nicely.

I have my dates.  My 101 things will follow tomorrow.


  1. I'm tickled to see how you've taken to the challenge. I look forward to reading your 101 list. I'm sure I'll be inspired and want to change some of the items on my list!

    {soul hugs}

  2. Your blog is really looking fabulous!


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