Sunday, March 01, 2009

What OD does in school…..

OD is doing tech for the play at school and left early this past Saturday morning to meet up with her co-workers/actors and then to practice. 

She ran home for a second about 3pm and then left again to work on something else at a fellow techies’ house.  What were they working on?  This……

R0013685Yep….they played with dry ice.

Actually, I shouldn’t say they “played” with it.  They “worked” with it because she was very careful handling it.  She and the other girl researched it on the computer, called the grocery store and checked out if it was food grade, cost, etc. and then….

big drum roll please….

because she is now 18 she could buy it!

She and other girl “experimented” on how much ice they needed to put into a glass to get the look they were going for.  And how it reacted with different liquids.

So, this was really a “science” project and not a “theater” project.

Blaze wasn’t too sure about the experiment, whatever you wanted to call it.

R0013686But OD was jazzed.  Not only had she “learned” about dry ice, but turning 18 does have it’s benefits.



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  1. We had 9 cats at one point - many lived to between 18-20. Now we are down to two who are 15!


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