Sunday, March 01, 2009

Blue Heron Serenity

They have drained the water out of “my” pond.  Not sure why as I haven’t asked the apartment office, but I am sure there is a perfectly good reason.  I do miss the water sounds from the aerator in the pond though.

However, with the warmer weather we have been having, things are starting to bloom.  The pessimistic part of me fears a freeze sometime soon to destroy these tender buds, but I am trying to put those thoughts behind me. 

There is a pair of “ugly, black birds with funny yellow beaks” looking at the small ledge in the corner outside my bedroom window for a nest.  Not sure how that is going to work for them, but it is a easy flap or two to the river birch tree which stretches up to the third floor.

My favorite bird is back however from wherever it has been during the colder times.  Not sure if it is male or female, but it slowly walks around the edges of the pond, not making a ripple in the water, feeding.  I can sit here by the window and watch it barely move for ages.  Silently, slowly, regally it flows through the water. 


It does drive Noel nuts who thinks she should be able to go outside and play with it.  Blue Heron can provide a moment of humor however.  Texter calls from the balcony….

“Mom, your bird is back.”

“I wonder why it is walking up the bank….”

“Ohhhhhh” as the heron poops mightily. 

So we now have biology lesson on where herons poop….not in the water.


Update: (as this was written earlier in the week) the water fountain is back on.  And a 5:45am, as you are standing in the parking lot waiting for your ride, when the heron flies over, it’s really, really spooky until you figure out what it is.

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