Thursday, August 06, 2009

Not Road Kill

Had the bike in the apartment in order to tighten the loose seat.  The bike’s, not mine.  I wish I could take an adjustable wrench and tighten my ass.



walked back into the living room where the bike was and there was the cat.  Sound asleep and looking like an ‘accident’.  Believe me, at 15 pounds, there is not any way I could have ridden over this speed bump.

But not to be outdone, Godfather Cat (aka Blaze) wanted to be sure the art projects were supervised correctly.


Only problem we had with his supervision was that once our backs were turned, the little foam brushes were scattered all over the floor.  Seems they are covered with ‘grey mouse foam’ and we must kill them.  Usually if I leave my headset for work unprotected the cats will get into my bag and ‘kill’ the coverings on my ear muffs.  Now the foam brushes are not safe

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  1. LoL !!! Judy you are too funny !! I wish sometimes I could tighten my as_ sometimes too . at least you are doing something about it by riding your bike everywhere . Here riding a bike is dangerous because of the way ppl drive . LOL !!! btw you live in what I consider one of the prettiest places on earth North Carolina !!!


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