Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Step (or Stumble) Into the Past

Yes, I am a packrat.  Or at least a semi-packrat.  And yes, I have been journaling since high school.  This past week, while looking for a cable to hook up an old vhs player in my room (don’t we have tons of those things stuffed somewhere) I located the book containing the following…..


Scary isn’t it?  From 1973.  Hasn’t scrapbooking come a llooonnnngggg way!

Since I have recently reconnected with a few people from my high school, I thought it might be fun to pull it out and see what was really in it.

Sidebar:  Really weird……recently joined a letter writing group.  Sent a note to a person on the list.  She lives in Ft. Worth, TX.  I grew up in Duncanville, right next door.  Turns out I graduated with her sister and she is a year younger, so was there with me in high school.  Out of all the internet, 1200 miles apart and 35 years, we connect up.  And no, I didn’t know her…..she was an UNDERCLASSMAN!  Get real!

Couple of things I have pulled out so far. 


football schedule

spirit ribbons 1 

1973 homecoming ribbons

Do they even do these anymore?  I know my daughters never had them.  But every Friday during the football season (after all this was Texas in the 70’s) we had a red and a blue ribbon promoting that week’s game.  You could buy 1 or both.  Homecoming ribbons would have the whole team listed on it.  Of course, it was possible to earn extra points on your Friday test if you had the ribbons for that week’s game and even more points if you knew the score of last week’s game.  This was if you had a coach for a teacher.

senior day 1975

The program from Senior Day.  We all paraded across the stage.  Our last hurrah.



This is the stack of newspapers I kept, about two years worth.  I was editor my junior and senior year.  Back in the day when we used a TYPEWRITER to type everything out and then cut and pasted, using rubber cement.  After a long session of layout you felt really good.  Was years before I learned about the dangers of sniffing rubber cement.  Could explain an awful lot. 

The mice have also discovered my high school memories.  But not too bad for almost 35 years in various boxes.

As you can tell from the condition of the items, archival safe was not available at that time, but I want to redo the book and save things a little better over the next few weeks.  So be prepared for more of my history.  At least I didn’t have big hair back then!


  1. wow rhose spirit ribbons sure bring back some memories I think they stopped those in the 80 s . Is that not fun to go back and think what if ? I recently attended my hs reunion last yr and found out a couple of the kids are a . either in prison or dead . I could not believe that one of the sweetest guys I knew killed his g/f and is now serving a life sentence makes you wonder what went wrong with them . sad really .It really makes you glad you turned out okay and I reflect back every now and then I am sure every one does . thanks for taking us back if only for a few mins .

  2. okay i messed up again here is the correct way to do it . go to yahoo and just type in and it should come up . I hope this helps . I am such a dunce at computers sometimes . thanks again .


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