Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Days

Forget Christmas (not really, just an expression…still send gifts!) I love back to school time.  Especially when I am the one ‘back to schooling’.


Back when tires were square and the world was black and white, I went to college and was going for a degree in business/accounting.  It sucked!  Nothing against business and/or accounting, but definitely not my area.  Donald Trump never had a thing to worry about with me.

I have dallied a couple of times with going back and getting a ‘degree’, but due to other things in my life, it didn’t pan out.

So now, with the girls older and self-caring (in other words, they can feed themselves) and classes being online now, I am going back to school.  My ultimate goal, MFA in Creative Writing.  I’m going to be one of those news stories ‘146 year old woman graduates from college’.

Unfortunately, in the mid-70’s when I was in school, while the business classes were normal classes, my general courses where taught in an interdisciplinary style.  In other words, my English, History, Science all mixed up together.  So I am having to go back and take some of those over again.

This semester I am taking my English Expository Writing class, American History Part II and College Algebra.


(Savvy will be taking the English next semester, so I have to ace it this semester.  Otherwise, I will never hear the end of it.)

They are all online classes.  So no going off to campus.  At 4am on Sunday morning if I want to do school work I can.  Me, my coffee, my computer doing homework in my pj’s.

The only problem I think I will have is in the American History II class.  I am fine up until they start hitting the 1950’s, then it becomes personal.  Then it is no longer HISTORY, it’s CURRENT EVENTS. 

Guess I will have to pull out my Watergate pin and pin it on my pajamas.



  1. lol too funny !!! gosh I remember watergate does that make me too old ? who knows . anyways when i pick myself up off the floor from laughing so hard . thanks for the laughs and a great blog .

  2. Oh how exciting to go back to school! Sharp pencils, buying books, studying...
    I'm certain you will do wonderful - certain.

    And by all means wear those political pins on your jammies!

    I'm with phonelady - thanks for a great blog. I always enjoy your posts. (Hope you don't ignore posting claiming homework. But we'll forgive you if you do.)


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