Saturday, December 04, 2010

December 4 and We Have Achieved Snow!

Yep.  It’s snowing.  2pm on the first Saturday in December and we have snow.  Or rather a ‘wintery mix’.  Luckily the ground is too warm still for it to stick.  However, I can’t believe but this is a forecast of things to come this winter.  We haven’t had a ‘bad’ winter in awhile.  So this year will probably be it.  Fortune smiles on me though.  While I have a long daily commute, dropping Texter off a school before work and picking her up after school and going on campus 2 nights a week for my classes next semester, Wake County is great for closing at the mere idea of white stuff falling from the sky.  Now if just work felt the same way!

DSCN1524 Savvy is enjoying the early snow.  Actually she is laughing at my “it’s just going to be a little and not stick” statement I made earlier in the day.


Texter ventures out, phone in hand, to let her boyfriend, MM, know she’s a flake!

But in honor of the holidays (bah humbug!), Savvy did all her Christmas shopping yesterday and I picked up some things for the girls for their ‘advent countdown’ to Christmas…one little gift a day until Christmas.  Today I am relaxing, doing housework and homework and catching up on web stuff.  And baking cookies!


I have been on this peppermint/chocolate kick since Christmas candies starting hitting the shelves.  I bought some Seattle’s Best Peppermint Mocha Trio coffee which is great, especially topped with a little whipped cream and crushed peppermint.  So today I took the Hershey Candy Cane Kisses and made their Blossom cookies.  Most I topped with the kisses.  But for a half dozen I topped with my Dove Peppermint Chocolate discs.


The white chocolate kisses are really ‘melty’ and if you tilt the plate they ooze easily until well cooled.  But they are tasty anyway.

DSCN1501  These are for later, the ‘deluxe model.

Well, 2 hours later and it’s still coming down strong.


Guess I better revise my weather prediction!

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  1. Apparently this is early for ohio to have snow as well and going on the second day of snow and still more snow this week . Yahoo !!! Yep I think this winter we will have blizzards and so will north carolina . Good luck to you .


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