Wednesday, December 29, 2010

‘Roll’ with it!

For Christmas Day I got this wild hair I would fix non-cinnamon rolls.  Why non-cinnamon rolls?  Texter can’t take cinnamon.  So I did a little online searching and found this recipe.

DSCN1548 Some had brown sugar and pecans.  The others had mini-chocolate chips in them.


Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the cooked ones.  That’s how fast they went.  And they are ssssooooooo good.  The dough is fixed in the bread machine, so it’s super easy to make.  I made two batches, since I was sharing with others.  The recipe calls to make them and just cook them immediately.  Since I made the dough the day before, I fixed them and put in pans in the refrigerator and pulled them out early in the morning to rise.  Did I mention they were good?

They call for a sugar glaze, but they are actually sweet enough without it.  I made some Monday morning and put some cream cheese frosting on them as I pulled them out of the oven.  Still great tasting.  Savvy only got to hear about it, like the snow.  While I can’t recreate the snow, I can make some for her when she gets home.

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