Sunday, March 13, 2011

It Was a Zombie Kind of Day

Saturday morning dawn bright and clear.  Being early spring there was a nip in the air, but the promise of warmer temperatures was there.  The sky was the beautiful bright blue of a spring day.  Trees were in bloom.
DSCN1752 It had all the promise of being a delightful Saturday.  Then I saw the ominous signs nearby.
Directions for cast members to know where to go....high budget movie here! First, this innocent sign hanging in a tree, a tree ripe with new leaves, ripe with the portent of a new season.
DSCN1778But this was not a sight I expected to see on this beautiful day.  Red as the bark of the nearby shrubs, this was not left by any innocent means.  It was left by a……..
DSCN1909  ZOMBIE!!!!!!!
I looked around and sure enough there seemed to be a leader to this bloody crew.  Jack, our fearless director
After much work (and waiting) the first group of zombies gathered to do his bidding.
DSCN1827 And soon, this cruel dictator led his motley crew into the woods for who knows what mayhem and madness.  There was running up and down steep hills.
DSCN1869 Over and over again, he forced his minions up and down these hills, never fearing those carrying guns, as he was the “director”.

Into the deepest woods he forced his people. 
In all of his depravity he was aided by his equally evil “cinematographer”.  Jake, our cinematographer  This diabolical minion carried a magic box around with him at all times, pointing it at the zombies and ordering them to repeat over and over again the same things until both he and the “director” were satisfied. No amount of gunfire, screaming or lurching zombies would stop them.  They wanted MORE!

As hours slipped by, zombies dropped and were replaced by new zombies.
  DSCN1911  And yet the “director” kept us to it. 
No amount of blood spilled was enough for his plans.  
The script! 
And blood was everywhere on Saturday.  By the bucket full there was blood. 
What started out as a beautiful spring day DSCN1775  crept into the night, with no rest in sight.DSCN1914
In the end, I too fell victim to the blood and gore.  DSCN1839
Oh, wait….this is what I looked like today!  Damn daylight savings time!

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  1. Judy that was great! Totally made me lol! WTG! Glad u captured the day this way :)


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