Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Warm March Weather Brings Gardening Bug

Yep…trees are blooming, warm breezes flowing, and the gardening bug has hit big time.  I have a couple of areas I can have some raised beds in, so I am toting the soil and making my bed….to grow on it.
DSCN1918  I had to laugh.  These look like body bags – too much zombies in my life these days (hint, hint…I still have 1 1/2 days of filming it seems.)
DSCN1919 This is a 4X4 bed and I plan several more.  Right now I have lemon thyme, thyme, curly parsley and rosemary in the corners with a couple of lettuce and arugula and spinach.  Radish and carrot seeds are planted, some dill and for fun, a couple of mammoth sunflowers.  Oh, and some basil.  Can’t have a garden without basil.
DSCN1917  There is pineapple sage, regular sage, some leeks, onions, marigolds, petunias and a couple of Gerber daisies I couldn’t resist, they were so bright and beautiful.
And all of this done with my still ailing toe…….on a foot that desperately needs a pedicure.  DSCN1924  It seems I have this problem.  I keep going along like I didn’t do anything to Mr. Middle Toe and then I go and do something (like shut the refrigerator door with my bare foot) and miss it up---or rather not rest it like I’m suppose to be doing.
DSCN1920  Now, isn’t this much better than my old, ugly foot!
I have placed my order with NC Tomato Man for tomatoes, basil, peppers, watermelons and cucumbers.  I have been buying from him for years now and I love talking to him.  I wish he would write a book about the stories behind the tomatoes.
Anyway, unfortunately, even though the light is still out and the temperatures are nice…..I have class to go to.  Hopefully, she won’t check under my fingernails!

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