Sunday, August 21, 2011

Exercise Is Going to the Dogs

Now of all the inhabitants of my household, I am the one in most need of exercise.  And since we started school, Amani is in a kennel during the day since otherwise she will pee, pooh and destroy the house.  So, I ‘try’ to take the dogs for a walk in the evenings.  But with it still being 90 degrees and 70% humidity at 8pm, it’s really hard to get motivated.

So the past few days the weather has been a little kinder in the evenings and I have been taking the dogs on my “Soccer Fields” walk.  In other words, I walk them out of our park, up to the stop sign by the soccer fields and back.  The trip, door-to-door, is 1.28 miles.

Noel and Amani take off like sled dogs in a race, hauling me behind them.  Actually, I want to get a little cart and hitch them to it.  And about a quarter of the way through the walk, they settle down, have peed and poohed and are settling down to sniffing and walking.  They have to keep moving, I don’t stop after they have taken care of business.

On the last quarter of the walk, with the heat and humidity, their tongues are hanging out and they are just shuffling along (until they see one of the feral cats and then they try and take off like a rocket).  I look like hell, all ‘glowing’ and my hair hanging all wet and limp. 

Amani has proven she has some brains.  She comes in and looks at the air vents and if the air comes one, she plops down on top of it.  Not a dummy.  But we all retire to my room.  I am usually doing the last little computer stuff, getting ready for a shower and bed.  And this is what Amani does…..

P8180056  Yep, she sprawls out, taking up the whole bed and gets into her ‘position’.


Actually, this is how she will sleep most nights if she can get away with it.  Noel, on the other hand, is a neat, tidy, little 40 pound package. 




But something is wrong with this.  They are dogs, they should still be ready to go after a little walk, not going to bed to sleep the night away.  Wait.  Hummmmmm…..doesn’t seem such a bad outcome after all.


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  1. They both are so cute and all curled up on the bed a really awe moment.


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