Thursday, August 11, 2011

Savvy Was Here

Savvy came back to North Carolina for the first time from her new home in Arizona.  She is (hopefully) at the end of her ordeal with braces and flies back for her appointments.  Thank goodness I work for an airline.  So last week was her first visit home.  Despite the fact I had to reroute her to an airport 3 hours away and drive and pick her up at midnight and get home at 3am and still go to work the next day at 6am, it worked out fine.

Now when she comes to visit we have to share a room.  And in returning order to my ‘personal space’ after she departed, there were tell-tale signs she was here.

First, evidence of braces….

P8100041  Rubber bands left on my ‘desk’ in the room

Then there were the piles…..

P8100043  and….

P8100042  Believe me, although I am trying to ‘think young’ the fuzzy, pink purse is NOT mine.

And in my closet, on top of my dresser, I find a jacket she wore while here (she thinks the bedroom gets too cold)…


It wasn’t all just clothing and accessories either.

P8100045  She came for a new phone and left with the phone.  However, all the packaging remains on MY shelf and not the trash can.

P8100048  Eyeglass case (and yes, she left it here even after we had to go get her glasses straightened), boarding passes from her trip here (which will be used in a further art journaling project probably), and a cup she was drinking out of.

The ultimate remnant of her visit….

P8100053 A headless manga character and……

P8100050My little Fluttershy will be back in September for her next appointment.  And it just happens to be right at my birthday.  Maybe I’ll get my room back to normal by then!


(By the way, she was complaining all I ever write about is Texter, Texter, Texter, so now this one is all about her!)


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  1. yep , wait till she comes back with the husband and the kids LOL !!!


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