Friday, August 05, 2011

School Books for the Fall

I am such a school junkie.  I could go to school for the rest of my life.  This semester I am finishing up my Associate of Arts and getting my Web and Graphic Arts certification.  I should finish the two of them up in the spring.  And these should be two really fun semesters – hectic and busy as all get out, but fun.  Lots of art, both by hand and by computer.

So today was spent getting my books for the semester.  It’s a nice impressive stack.




And one of my purchases was a new camera.  There are stories behind the cameras I was using.  My original digital camera was given to me by a friend and is about 8-9 years old.  It is bulky compared to today’s cameras.  Of course, the battery door has been held in place by duct tape all these years.  Savvy dropped it at her first Animazement and it broke the closure.  I liked it and it took very good pictures, but I could only download pictures via my old desktop because the memory card was too big for my new laptop.  Of course, I remember when floppy discs were 9 inches square.

Then, about 4 years ago, Savvy got a camera for Christmas and I used it for most of my pictures.  However, too much zombie blood this spring and it is….well, zombie camera.  So, with the financial aid I received I got us both new cameras.  Since she is now 2000 miles away, it is a little hard to share a camera anymore.  Besides, I need pictures of the scorpions she is combatting.



So now I am playing with my new camera, which by the way I do need for my classes.  The shot above is ‘pinhole camera’. 




And this is one of my favorites ones – Drawing.  Isn’t it so neat!  Like I drew the scene.  And then the ‘Punk’ version.




There will be a lot more pictures in the future.  Some of them of the work I am going to have to do for my classes.  I can’t wait to not only have a new camera to work with, but learn Photoshop in depth.  Yep, it should be a fun semester.

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