Saturday, December 10, 2011

Empty Nester

Well, Texter moved out last night with her boyfriend.  Of course, this is after advising me she didn’t like to do dishes and when I asked who would do the dishes then…”J will”…Ok, let’s see how long that will last.

However, after viewing this….

PC040003  I don’t think I am really an ‘empty nester’.  They require just as much attention and care.  And there are 3 cats, too. 

But I am ssooooo looking forward to this.  No more freezer with cheap pizzas and bagel bites in there.  I can really watch what I eat.  In fact, when I go into work today there will be a box of grapefruit and oranges waiting for me to pick up.

However, both girls will be coming home for Christmas.  Savvy for about 10 days and Texter for a couple of days.  So I won’t be by myself for long.



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