Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I was raised in the Methodist church.  Mainly, I think, because (1) in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s this is what you did – go to church and (2) my mother was the church secretary.  Anyway, at one time in my life I was always at church.  But it never seemed a spiritual thing, it was strictly social.  And since then, after watching the church politics, I have been very disenchanted with ‘organized Protestant’ religions.

As I got older, my search of spiritual roots have waxed and waned.  Does the ‘waxing and waning’ give you a clue as to where my leaning are these days? 

Anyway, I took a World Religion class last semester and was intrigued by religions, like Islam, Buddhism and the Jewish religion, where religion was more than just 1 day a week.  How their religion played into their everyday life and it was more of a culture than a religion.  How things like your diet played into your religion.   So since then I have been interested in Buddhism – mainly because it seems so peaceful.

Now all of this was leading up to this….

PA210353  I am loving the purple Buddha.  He was part of a purple garden display at the North Carolina State Fair this year. 

And then tucked away in a corner was this Buddha.



Both Buddha’s want to make me sit down, take a deep breath and close my eyes and fall into myself and the moment.

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