Saturday, January 07, 2012

One of the Benefits of Vacation

Normally, I am heading to work when the sun comes up.  My chance at seeing the sunrise is through the windows of my car.  So it has been very nice to greet the sunrise with a cup of coffee and planning out my day (or not planning out my day).
P1060073  So this is the sight that greeted me today as the sun rose and I walked down to the lake for some pictures.
P1060078  I can’t wait for the full moon in a couple of days.  I was out yesterday as the moon rose to snap some pictures.  My goal is to catch the heron that makes this his/her territory.  It seems there is a pair here.
P1060057  See him/her in the tree?  I would really like a camera with a lens where I could take some close-ups of wildlife.  But unfortunately, those are way, way down on my list of wants and needs.
P1060049  I need to get my birdwatchers manual out and find out exactly what kind of water fowl these are.  I can identify geese and mallards.
P1060084  So I’ll wait for another chance for a picture of the herons.  And the full moon.

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  1. I could not imagine living in such a peaceful place .It all looks lovely .


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