Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sewing I Want to Do

I need to get my sewing machine tuned up.  I have some sewing I want to do.  This is both for me and the girls for Spring/Summer.

m6504  I saw the cutest black and white kitty print for Savvy. 

And these look so comfortable for work and easy to make.  Really would like a serger to work with knits, but will use my machine.

M6514  I want the wide legged ones.  Who cares if my butt looks just as wide in them!

  And there are these pants.  I need to get away from jeans.

M6291  And a pair or two of shorts for the summer.

I have been looking for a pattern similar to this since last year and an Anthropologie catalog came out with a similar dress.  Their collar was beaded and cost almost $300.  I’m not going that fancy.

M6488  I feel I could dress this up or down for work and for home.

So, I have sewing plans.  This time it’s for me and maybe the girls.  But no heavy fabrics for Ren Faire costumes.  I do have one order for Savvy for her cosplay outfit, but that is a simple sundress and some arm and leg things.  Now come on machine and cooperate!



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  1. Oh my dear I love those wide leg pants as well . You certainly are a good seamstress if you can do all of those . I love that dress too . I think you are just awesome as a mom and a seamstress . Good luck with all of these and I hope it all works out .


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