Friday, June 08, 2012

Bagging It

Between Ren Faire outfits and cosplay costumes and other sewing, I have a bunch of odds and ends of fabric sitting around.  So I decided you can never have enough bags and plan on using up my stash for bags.  I picked up a large pillow sham this past weekend at Goodwill for a buck or two and liked the floral pattern on it.  So with that as my focus, and a vintage sheet I also picked up, I decided to make a tote bag.  I can’t use a small bag with all the junk I carry around, I need BIG!

So this, with the help of Maki,


turned into this…..

P6080013  The sham I picked up was the center piece and the two side pockets.  The solid green and the ‘leather’ I had from in my stash.

P6080009  This is the lining of the tote.  And a better view of the floral fabric I liked in the sham….

P6080010  But it is sturdy and should hold up well.  On my next one I plan on using larger D rings and longer hangers on the side handles.  And a wider webbing on the shoulder strap.

P6080016 But Horace Dingle says he doesn’t want to be left behind on the next outing.

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