Thursday, June 07, 2012

When Trying to Meditate

This is a poem I wrote when starting my meditation practice.  Don’t let that statement fool you though….I really don’t have a ‘practice’.  It’s much more hit and miss, with the emphasis on miss.  But if anyone has tried to meditate, I think they can identify with this….


Chaotic Thoughts


"How can I help you?"

Why won't he stop beating around the bush?

I need to add milk and kitty litter to the list

And isn't tomorrow night the assembly

Or is it tonight?

"What else can I help you with?"

Sandwiches for dinner tonight?

Didn't we have those last night?

Does sandwiches two nights in a row

Make me a bad mother?


I need to do a couple of loads

Or we won't have anything to wear

And there are no towels....

Need to buy some new towels

Maybe green rather than blue

Have a change

"That would be..."

And drop off books at the library

Can't stay long,

Maybe do it on the way to work

Leave a couple of minutes early to get it done.

"Let me check on that for you."

Did I pay the electric bill?

And should I do the cable or phone?

Birthdays are coming up, who's to get what?

And put eggs on the list and maybe some juice.

We need to eat more healthy.

"I checked on that..."

I need to exercise more

And set a better example for the kids.

I am looking less like a potato and more like a couch.

"And what next?"




  1. Yep - sounds like monkey mind to me!

  2. I swear you have channeled my meditating brain.
    Spooky, and so comforting to know I'm not alone.
    Wishing you peaceful practice and lots of happy creations,


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