Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday Steam Punk

After years of making costumes for every except myself, I decided I was going to start on next years outfit for Animazement.  And since I am without funds to just spend merrily, I decided I was going to use the stockpile of fabrics I have gathered over the years for Ren Faire and other projects.  I did have enough fabric from a Ren Faire costume which was never made and used that as the base of my costume, along with a couple of other fabrics.

This is the base pattern I am starting with…..

B4954 The one on the left is what I am using.  My butt is too big for the other side.  My plan is a basic costume and then decorating with all kinds of gears and parts for the steam punk look.

Anyway, after two hours of cutting out pattern pieces (I had to wade through 3 different fabrics to do this), I started sewing.  Since I have a year to complete the costume, I am taking my time, going at it slow and easy, pressing between steps.  In other words…doing it right!

However, I have help.  Probably more than I want.

P6080002 Maki seems to think her help is needed.  I didn’t realize she was inside the skirt until I went to move it around the ironing board to press the seams. (By the way, this is the skirt fabric and part of the jacket.)  I swear there must have been catnip in that skirt.

So, to date, my skirt has cost me $1, which was the cost of the pattern on sale at either Joanne Fabrics or Hancock’s.  I do have to purchase some buttons and lace and that should be it for this costume.  And yes, Savvy, I have an idea for an outfit for you, not sure if you will like my idea, but we’ll talk about it in July.

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