Monday, June 04, 2012

Good Girl Gone Bad…..

Or What a Vintage Rabbit Fur Coat Will Do To a Girl….

P6040013 Savvy has been trying for a job for a year now.  However, due to numerous factors (like no jobs to be had in her area), she is still unemployed.  So on this recent visit she decided to change job hunting tactics and branch out into other areas.

P6040016 Meet Savvy Redux.

  P6040021  If she can’t be good at her job, then her job will be ‘good’!

Actually, we found the vintage rabbit fur jacket on a good will jaunt while she was here.  And Savvy do like her fur!  But she is leaving it here and not carrying it back to Arizona for some reason.  I wanted pictures of the scarves I just finished knitting, and we had time on our hands, so this is what happens when two fertile imaginations get silly together. 

Peggy Lipton watch out!

P6040027  But aren’t the scarves pretty?

P6040030 In the meantime, Savvy is “staying alive”…..P6040031


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  1. Well Done !! and yes, those scarves are r-e-a-l nice !


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