Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Decadent Typography

One of my assignments was to create a frozen treat.  I, having extensive and continuing ice cream experience, figured this would be a snap.  (It was also an excuse to indulge all in the name of homework!)  My idea was an 'adult' line of ice cream based on alcoholic drinks.  So there would be a White Russian, Brandy Alexander, Pina Colada, etc.  You get the idea.

So then this week we had to design a logo based on our new treat.  Here are a couple I came up with.

This was my first design idea.  I liked the 'racy' look of the red and black and thought the reflection added something to the overall design.  

Then I had this idea, if I really wanted rich, luxury, what is more rich and luxurious than gold.

So then came these ideas.....

My favorite so far I think.

And then I went for the intertwined letters.  I need to work on my embossing a bit, there are a few 'dimples', but this was my late, last project I worked on.

I could work for hours on playing with tutorials and then using my images and designs.  Unfortunately, my wrist feels the same way!

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