Sunday, November 04, 2012

To Continue Downton Abbey Fix

To me, BBC does some of the best programming going.  And I am willing to go to the trouble of finding where I can stream online as I have cut the cable cord and it is sometimes hard to watch current episodes.  But Downton Abbey is one of my current TV fixes.  The third season is ending up which means I now have to go find and view online, but it won't happen until December, as November is CRAZY!!!!

But, in the meantime, I have flown through this book to get a similar fix.

At 985 pages, this is a book which would lend itself to an e-reader as you will spend vast amounts of time reading this book.  You literally can't put it down.  So a warning to your wrists.

The book follows the intertwined lives of four different families.  You have your aristocratic Fitzherbert family, the Welsh mining Wiliams, the American Gus Dewar and the Russian Peshkov family.  And boy, do they mix it up.

Starting just prior to World War I, most of the action is set in the Welsh mining region of England.  And from there every one's personal lives get drawn into the world events of the Great War.  Lovers are divided by the war, the noble idea of war is exposed for the falsehood it is in the trenches in France and in England women fight not only the war, but for their rights.

This is only book one in a trilogy.  And it proves out why I really dislike 'series'.  If you get a really good one (like this book) and you get in on the first book, you must silently fume until the next book comes out.  If you come late to the game, then you read like crazy for weeks and are exhausted by the end.  So I am silently fuming, drumming my fingers until the next book comes out. 

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