Monday, March 02, 2015

Mandala Monday and 30 Days of Lists

This is my wild background mandala.  I loved the black and white contrast of the giant chess pieces and created my mandala from those.  Of course, my method of chess playing resembles checkers.  I know the moves each piece makes, but the whole strategy and planning ahead...forget it.  Now challenge me to a game of spades!

Today's list is....

While I started off with good intentions, I haven't been tracking my 'stuff' like I wanted to.  Thus, I'm not drinking water like I should and I sometimes forget my vitamins.  The Documented Life 2015 and the 30 Day Flow journal will have to start after school is over with.  And because of my hand, I haven't made any monthly craft dates.  Although, this coming Saturday I will have an all day intensive  writing workshop.  The qualifies as an Artist Date in my books.

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