Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vision in Silver

I have a problem with series novels.  Either I discover them late in the series and spend the next few weeks (or months) devouring books to catch up or I catch the first book and impatiently wait for the next one.  For example, Anne Bishop's books.  I was introduced to the Black Jewel series and 'Witch' about midway through the publication of the series.  I had a delightful few weeks catching up on everything she had written.  Unfortunately, I then had to wait for the next ones to come out.  Good think I could go back and reread some of the earlier ones.

Now she has a new series about the "Others" which puts a whole new spin on shape shifters and our world as we know it.  Humans are the lesser species and Others control the world, keeping progress in check.  Bad part is I got in on the start and have had to patiently wait for each book.  Vision in Silver is book three in the series.  I received the book last Tuesday and had it finished on Wednesday and am drumming my fingers waiting for the next installment.

Meg, so is a cassandra sangue, or blood prophet, is helping the Others learn more about dealing with humans.  Simon Wolfgard and the other shifters in Lakeside Compound, in turn, protect Meg from humans who want to harm her for her prophecies and also, protect her from herself.

Now there are other blood prophets who have been rescued from imprisonment and are being cared for by Others and humans who are friendly with Others.  Unfortunately, not all the blood prophets are coping well with being outside their highly regimented world.  Meg, with the aid of her friends, must try and communicate how to help the girls adjust and survive being free.  In the meantime, there are more and more threats by humans against the Others - humans who don't understand the Others they see are just a small part and the least deadly of the Others.

While the Others and their allies are preparing for the coming confrontation, I am now having to wait, probably another year, for the next book.  The consolation is I can go back and reread the books while waiting - Arooooo!  (wolf for damn it, write faster!)

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