Monday, March 09, 2015

Mandala Monday - Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail game...

It holds a spot in everyone's heart here at home.  It was probably one of the first computer games the girls learned to play as children.  Countless hours were spent figuring out horses versus oxen, food versus ammo, do we cross the river or wait.  Oops - broken leg, you die!

In fact, when Savvy and I were driving from North Carolina to Montana in May of 2013, she decided after about the 6th hour she would not make a good pioneer and would only have made it as far as...say Ohio...and stopped.  We laughed and giggled over dying of dysentery or starving to death and starting all over again.  Compared to today's hi-res games we play, it is so outdated.  

However, starting today the Lewis and Clark Library is playing The Oregon Trail!  So we will see if I can make it to Oregon or die in a couple of days.

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