Friday, June 12, 2015

Exercise Comes in All Forms

Part of my 'health' plans means I am actually using the exercise coach at our clinic.  Had a visit with him yesterday and two things came out of the meeting.  One, hydration!  Yep, you would think it was a four-letter word the way I avoid it.  But we are drinking spring water (huzzah for empty milk jugs) and it's helping.  Two, is to consistently get in my steps and have it 'in the green' for the intensity on my fitbit.  

After leaving the clinic yesterday I stopped off at Spring Meadow Lake for a few laps around the park to get my steps in for the day.

Crossing over the lake on the bridge, there were tons of fish to watch and I had to stop each time around to check them out.

And a new bird to identify.  She was with about 3 chicks and I'll have to drag out my bird book later today to see if I can put a name to her.

On the home front, I had to put back the stack of books from where Lady K restocked them.  She was so busy for a good 30 minutes, carefully moving them from one spot to another.  And as most people know with kids, if they are quiet and happily doing something relatively non-destructive, you let them do it.  I just had to restock them at the end of the dresser later on.

And then I had this wild idea to use up most of my flannel for another quick (hopefully) project - pillow cases!  I cut out 9 pillow cases from this stash, so my flannel is really down (now I can say I can buy some more!).  A couple of the pillow cases will go next week to the family Texter knows whose house was flooded out.  They have two small kids and I have made them each a flannel lap quilt and will have a pillow case to go with it.  The rest of the cases we will keep and use.  Since we are all multiple pillow uses, we always need pillow cases.

I will post pictures of the lap quilts and pillow cases later, when they are all finished up.

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