Monday, June 08, 2015

Mandala Monday

I forgot to mention it in my week in review yesterday, but I did have a bit of excitement last week.  I follow Terry Brooks on Facebook and there was a link to an article written by a magazine out of the UK.  What really caught my eye was the photograph.  It was the photo I had taken when Terry Brooks was signing my books at Miscon!

Here is the link to the article.

On one hand I was overjoyed.  On the other hand, there was no photo credit given.  I made a remark in comments about loving the article, especially the picture, but it was my picture and there was no credit given.

I got almost an immediate response from Shawn Speakman, who is Terry Brook's webmaster, or WebDruid, as he is called.  He advised to contact them and let them know.  I did.  They immediately replaced my picture with another one, but advised if I wanted, they would put back my picture, giving me credit.  I agreed.  I was thrilled by the 'notice'.  

I feel I have even more a link to fame now!  I am such a fangirl at times and I'm really a bit too old to be so excited about it.  I should be more 'chilled'.

The whole episode had me thinking though.  While I get all excited and plot and plan to see authors, if it was film stars, I really don't care.  Jim Butcher is going to be at Miscon next year and I'm already planning on the books I have on my bookshelf I will be carrying with me.  Yes, stalker does come to mind.  But if it was Brad Pitt or even, dare I say it, Benedict Cumberbatch, I wouldn't be this excited. Ok, Benedict, yes.  But most other actors, no.  I am a fan of those who put pen to paper for my pleasure.

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  1. Oh I HEAR you!!! YOUR photograph of Terry Brooks?! I love his Magic Kingdom books; many years ago I used the first one as a novel study (I made the entire study up as there was nothing) for my English grade 9s. Running with the Demon series--awesome. Still have to read the Shannara ones. And Jim Butcher! He's great too. Do you read Terry Pratchett? Charles de Lint? Movie stars schmoovie stars, yep, except for maybe Sam Heughan of Outlander (great series too) and one or two other hunks. Good for you getting the credit. I'm hopping over to the link you provided.


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