Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Geeking Out!

The Geekgasm Swap at Chaotic Goddess Swaps

Let me explain with this little story as to why a "Geekgasm" swap appealed to me.

The library needed a display for publicity shots for our upcoming Big Read and they weren't ready yet with any props.  It's still two months away.  So the "House of Geek" comes to the rescue.  We pulled together a sword and shield, knight's tunic, goblets, dragon eggs and other miscellaneous odds and ends to fill up a table and get some great shots.

So when I get home today and there is a box labeled "Geek Queen", I was thrilled (it made me forget my mashed thumb for a bit.)  Even better, Texter and Lady K had been napping when it arrived, so there was no peeking.

Packages inside packages!

I guess I should mention my swap partner is Beth from Printcess.  I had already been following her blog due to her book reviews and eye shadows.  She makes and sells 'organic' shadows.  And I got some!  A little tin for several green and purple shades.  I am going to save them and use them for when I dress up in September and October for the Big Read.  But I might have to try them out ahead of time.

Lady K eyed the 'colors' or metallic gel pens.  And Beth made me a dragon egg.  Much nicer than the ones we threw together the other night.  A great big saying and a fantastic bamboo cutting board.  The Tardis and Dalek are soaps (I think). 

And the fun didn't end there...

A Firefly inspired bag which I will have to keep out of other people's hands in the household.

And a wine glass with "It ain't easy bein' Khaleesi".  Which now resides on my shelf with the dragon egg in it.  Where else would I keep my dragon egg?

All in all, this swap was...

One of the best parts is the conversation Beth and I engaged in while discovering each other's likes.  What I found out....we both like the same 'geeky' things and would probably be dangerous if put together.

So, please go check out Beth's site and then visit Chaotic Goddess for information on future swaps.  You won't be disappointed in either.


  1. We would DEFINITELY be dangerous put together. Or even in the same zip code. ;)
    I'm so glad you loved everything, and it arrived intact (I was so worried the soaps would melt in this heat). I got such a kick making stuff for you- I don't think I've ever had so many fandoms in common with a swap partner before. YAY!
    And thank you for your fabulous package, filled with the handsomest of men. I'm dragging it all into work tomorrow to keep me happy. :D

  2. Wow you totally scored here. Beth is an awesome partner and always sends the coolest stuff. What a fun package and good luck on your display.

  3. Glad you had a good swap. I am not too Geeky and am waiting until after the move to join any swaps.... Happy trading.


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