Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week In Review - July 24-30

It's the end of July and shortly, Texter and Lady K will be heading back to school.  Not a moment too soon for either, I think.

Otherwise, it's been hot and dry.  Or dry and hot.  Whichever you prefer.  But the daisies in the beds on the walking mall are still going strong and maybe, just maybe, I'll get some tomatoes off my plants.

Besides my "Geekgasm" swap package this week, I received another goodie in the mail.  A subscription book from Cocoa Daisy for the month of August.  While I am not a coordinated pages or 'pretty planner', this is almost enough to bring me over to the dark side.  I think I will be investing in some of the add-ons they have available in their shop in the future.  But a reveal post will take place soon as I am using this box in my upcoming class.

And speaking of my "Planners, Planning and Productivity" class, I am having so much fun getting ready for it.  It's great watching all the videos out there on the subject and telling family 'it's research'.  Savvy remarked she couldn't believe I was watching videos on planners.  My response was "and you watch 'what' on YouTube?"  She huffed and left me alone.

Otherwise this week...

  • An emergency prop making and gathering for a Big Read photo shoot at the library for an upcoming ad.  I have seen the ad and Lady K is just all over it!  Will share when I can officially release it.
  • Doctor's appointment to discuss my upward numbers on several fronts.  Changes are being made to increase exercise and change some eating habits.  Not as dire as I was expecting, but changes do need to be made.  Especially since I have gained about 15 pounds over the past couple of years.
  • Worked two of my days off at the library filling in for people on vacation and having teeth pulled.  Amazing how much that cuts into my 'free' time.
  • Walked 62,715 steps or 90% of my goal.  Problem is, these are steps taken throughout the day and not straight walking steps.  So I need to start figuring in at least 30 minutes of straight, exercising walking daily.
  • Finished 2 books.  Reading through Naomi Novik's dragon series and loving it.  What an alternative world she created.
  • Tour de France ended.  A good race pedaled this year.
  • Started on a skirt for Savvy,
  • Finished up #onebookjuly2016 and more on that later.

For the coming week...

  • Pictures!  Of planners and knitting and crocheting and sewing!  Lots of picture taking.
  • Organize my ideas for Big Read projects and then full steam ahead!
  • Work on power point for Planner class
  • August blog plans - lay out an organized list of posts
  • Monthly review and plans
  • Working at the gallery one day
  • Working an additional shift at the library
  • Attend First Friday events downtown
  • Sewing and knitting and crocheting
  • Get Bee Hive square done and start on mine for September

Busy week ahead, so I had better start planning...

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  1. Busy lady! Work's been slow over here, but trying to take advantage on being on call by working on home projects.


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