Sunday, July 03, 2016

Week In Review - June 26 - July 2

This is living in my garden.  Don't know what it is, but a friend has a friend in the Forest Service, so hopefully, next week, it will be identified.  It just sprang up overnight and is a bit creepy.  No, it's a lot creepy.  But so far it isn't getting any bigger and threatening my tomato plants.

A highlight of the week is a letter from my pen-pal in France.

Lots of goodies along with a quick note.  She and her husband are getting ready to go on holiday (vacation) and will be driving and camping through several countries over a few weeks.  I'm a bit jealous.

So I will drown my envy with massive bouts of Tour de France watching.  Which lends itself to massive amounts of sewing and knitting. 

Otherwise, this past week...

  • Set up July in my bullet journal and will be doing #onebookjuly2016
  • signed up for Geekgasm Swap
  • Worked extra hours at the library
  • Met friends after work Friday for drinks
  • Steps - 56,057 or 80% - I'm blaming the warmer weather
  • Posts written - 3
  • Books finished - 0   but working my way through 3 really good ones!
  • Another welt finished on the Knit and Swirl sweater
  • Skirt finished for Harley Quinn costume
  • Lady K got her new, larger "pool"
  • Tour de France started!

This coming week - 

  • Lots of Tour de France watching
  • 4th of July BBQ at home - ribs!
  • Working a few extra hours at the library
  • More Harley Quinn sewing
  • Grommets coming to finish up Harley Quinn from Amazon
  • Hike on Saturday

Off for another cup of coffee and some cycling watching!

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  1. Ooh! I can't wait to hear what the big blob is in your garden! It almost looks like a massive cluster of mushrooms, but I've never seen them grow like that.


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