Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Linden Trees

Walking to work last week, I was enchanted by the smell of 'something' in the air.  As I went along, I noticed my 'lemon-lime' tree was blooming.  I had my eye on these trees because after the initial leaves were out, they put out this long, really light green 'leaf', thus making me think of lemons and limes.

They are everywhere, much like the Bradford Pear trees back in the South.

So, being the curious person I am, I plucked off a leaf and flower cluster and stuck them in my bag to take into work.  I just knew someone at work would know what kind of tree it is.

Of course, since I have a 'specimen', it has to go into my journal.

The type of tree was on the tip of everyone's brain and we finally figured out it was a Linden Tree!  And I wasn't quite wrong referring to it as a lemon-lime tree.  In England, they are sometimes called Lime trees.

Then as it happened, on the day I was running around the library trying to figure out what kind of tree it is, a tourist came in and asked.  Luckily, it was AFTER I had my question answered.

Oh, the trivia I stuff into my tiny brain!

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  1. Oh, lovely! Linden Trees are great for attracting pollinators. :D


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