Monday, October 31, 2016

Journaling Power - by Mari L. McCarthy

I am a sucker for journaling. Without journaling, I probably would have forgotten I had a crush on a certain young man in high school and unfriend him on Facebook for his current stupid political views.

So when WOW - Women on Writing offered a chance to review Mari L. McCarthy's new book, Journaling Power - How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live, my hand shot up and I cried, "Pick me! Pick me!".

A slim book, but with TONS of great stuff packed inside.  I really appreciated several things about McCarthy's book.

First, she came to journaling later in life as a means of dealing with a disease upside down and relates throughout the book how journaling helped her through this tough time.

Secondly, she started with Morning Pages and I love me some Morning Pages.  Three pages, every morning, stream of consciousness writing to get all the 'stuff' in your head out of there and onto paper so you can face the day with clear thoughts.

Third, she acknowledges, even in journaling, you have to deal with an inner critic.  Mine is currently a cartoon picture in a jar on the top shelf behind my desk.  It really did help.

And fourth, each chapter ends with journaling prompts and exercises based on the topic covered by that chapter.

McCarthy infuses the book with just the right (or write) amount of personal experience, supporting scientific data and stories from other people who turned to journal to help overcome their past and move forward in a positive manner.  And while the majority of the book does focus on ridding yourself of the negative to move forward, she does also encourage recording and enjoying the positive.

At 133 pages, it's a quick first read.  But then you go back and start re-reading and writing!


  1. Oh this one is going on my wish list for sure!!! Sounds like a great book! Thanks for sharing and glad you got to review it!!!

  2. Judy,

    So glad you found this book such a valuable resource. Mari is wonderful in helping journalers get the words flowing back onto the page.

  3. Hi Judy, Thank you for hosting me and for the great 5 Star review! #WriteON! ;)


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