Friday, October 21, 2016

Potions Day

So what do you do when there is a full moon and you are coming up on All Hallow's Eve?  You have a "Potions Day", of course.

Savvy, a co-worker and I got together and made three 'potions' last Sunday.  One for general cleansing (for when you don't feel grounded and connected and to generally get rid of funk), one for wealth (I needed enough to bathe in!) and one for health, for when you feel that tickle in the back of your throat.

And even if nothing comes of it, it was a fun thing and all the 'potions' are harmless, food-grade ingredients (only one we actually drink - the health one).

Because of the ingredients being used, they also smelled really good 'cooking'.  Two of them, the cleansing and wealth, we strained and put in bottles to dab on our throat and wrists.  The health one is the one we will drink and right now it is 'cooking' on my desk.

Herbs in gin!  What could be better?

So while Savvy, "J" and I were acting like MacBeth's witches, "J's" honey was also in the kitchen cooking up something - some fantastic smoked chicken breasts!

Now I am not a fan of smoked meats, but those chicken breasts where out of this world!  I watched him sear the breasts in a cast iron skillet with a bit of olive oil and a generous coating of lemon pepper and then add a dab of butter.  Once seared, he moved them to the smoker to finish up.  I think, personally, what he fixed was a 'love potion', because I am in love with those chicken breasts!

"J" and Chef Smoker also have a Witchdoctor Brew they concoct.  It is his grandmother's recipe to heat up and drink when you feel sick.  Since the base is lemons, water and spices, what's the harm?  I can't wait to fix up my own batch to have handy.  It's that time of year (and Lady K woke up with a fever and runny nose this morning).

I will be dabbing and drinking our potions and will let you know how well they work!  And wishing for more of Chef Smoker's meals!

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