Sunday, October 02, 2016

Week in Review - September 25 - October 1

Fall has officially arrived.  In fact, I had to laugh yesterday as the trees looked like the whomping tree in Harry Potter when all of a sudden it shed all it's leaves.  The streets are coated with gold because the on and off rain yesterday had all the leaves off the tree and onto the ground.

But it's been an interesting week.  We started the first of Lady K's doctor visits and are pretty confident the cause of her sudden high fevers has been diagnosed.  Still a bit of a 'watching' process, but nothing to worry about.

So last week consisted of:

  • 40th Anniversary at the Lewis & Clark Library for it's current location (lots of yummy goodies!)
  • Soccer and the NAMI walk for Texter
  • Scheduled a meet-up for goal setting
  • Got hair cut
  • Signed up for next week's First Friday at the Painted Pot
  • Ordered and received my new purple fountain pen
  • Set up a new Staff Picks display at the library fitting in with the 'season'
  • Made sure Savvy was registered to vote!  (told her she was dead to me if Trump won by a vote!)

My favorite part of the display is the blood dripping over the edge and on the shelves.  And the giant googlie eyes.  The next month will be murder, mayhem, vampires and werewolves on the shelves.  And based on just a couple of days being up....I need more staff picks!  Unfortunately, getting recommendations from co-workers means I add more books to my 'to-read' list.

The coming week will be fun.

  • First Friday with friends at the Painted Pot.  A good meal and a chance to be 'creative'.
  • Orchid Society meeting on Monday night
  • Continuing of our organizing/decluttering at home.  In other words, cleaning out my closet!
  • Lots of crocheting.  Have a huge afghan to finish and three movies which need watching.  Win-Win situation.

So off to get the chicken out of the freezer for dinner tonight (starting a load of laundry while I'm in the basement) and to change out of my pj's into sweats and start emptying out my closet.  Along with another cup of coffee for assistance!

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