Thursday, October 20, 2016

My "Hobo" Has Arrived

I feel a bit bad about calling this cheery, yellow dotted planner a "Hobo".  After all, hobo conjures up images of some dirty bum walking down the tracks.  And Hobo is anything but.

I have wanted/desired/needed/lusted after one for several years, but have resisted.  But after researching for my planner class (and countless hours of Hobonichi unboxings and use of videos) and letting Texter have my Purple Trail planner (or at least that's what I'm telling myself), I succumbed.  Especially after I got to fondle a 2016 Techo.

I ordered and patiently waited (not really) for my box to arrive.  And it did arrive.  On Saturday.  When everyone was gone and the box needed to be signed for.  I had to wait until Monday morning to 'rescue' it from the clutches of the post office.

I dropped everyone off at school and planned on waiting at the post office for an hour.  I thought they didn't open until 9 a.m.  However, they opened at 8 a.m. and I was back at home by 8:15 a.m.

I love how they pack the box in a thick, yellow shopping bag.  There is a HUGE part of me which would love to go to Japan to an actual store.  However, I know my purse couldn't stand it.  One day though...

Then it comes in this really nice, study (and reusable) box.  This year's color of the box is pink.  Apparently, every year the color changes.

And when opened, there was my cover-on-cover on top! And my excitement mounted as I could see the cover peeking out from underneath.

I love the fact they label this planner as a 'Life Book'.  To keep me on track and focused, my planner is my life.

The color of my cover is "Vitamin Dot".  Which is a bit ironic, since taking vitamins on a daily basis is part of my routine (and helps my depression).  The cover has a canvas or fabric feel.  So I wanted to have a cover over it to help protect the cover.  I selected this cover.

The inside of the cover has several pockets and I could actually use it as a wallet if I wanted. I like the fact the cover and inside are not the same color, but are contrasting.  And the blue is more of a dusky pastel blue and not a true baby blue.

I only have two bookmarks, but I think it will work.  I have a couple of ideas on how I am going to do a few things in the planner which will also serve as additional bookmarks.  While the planner has a monthly view, weekly views and daily pages, I also need an area for my monthly tracker, my spending tracker and blog post tracker.  So I am looking at doing some tip-ins which would also serve as bookmarks.

The only other thing I ordered (and it took massive restraint to only order this) was my Pilot Kakuno fountain pen.

It is a plastic pen, but writes far from cheaply.  I love the feel of the pen and think it's a great choice for a pen to throw in my purse with my planner.  And it has a purple top!

So I am now set for a daily planner for 2017 and can't wait to start adding information into Hobo.  I still have a couple of other decisions to make about my Writer's Bible I want to put together and my journal I want to use (or at least to start off the year with).

But for now I am really happy and have to stop flipping Hobo's pages!


  1. do you bible journal as well ? that pilot kakuno looks amazing and I have heard good things about them . I hope you will update all of us and let us know how it writes .

  2. Something new to want to try! I am partial to Moleskein and quo vadis...but will have to consider this for next year!


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