Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Waiting on the Results

One of the things I really love about Helena, and our neighborhood in particular, is there are old homes, original to the city and maintained.  The house we live in was built in 1900, for example.  But everywhere you go, even taking the same route day after day, you see different things on homes you might not have noticed before.  Like this...

Driving Texter and Lady K to school, I noticed something different on the roofline of a house a couple of streets away.

Now I'm sure it is suppose to be a majestic bald eagle (of which we have many in Montana), but to me...it's a buzzard!

I love it.  A buzzard on the house!

We have actually wanted a gargoyle on our house since we saw a little one on a house up the street from us back in North Carolina.  But I am loving the buzzard.

I saw it on the way out and demanded Texter take pictures on our way back home.  That's when I noticed this...

Two buzzards! 

Since they are perched, they would be called a 'committee' of vultures.

I am loving it and I apologize the the carver calling them buzzards if they are suppose to be eagles, but the idea of buzzards sitting on my roof excites me far more than if they were eagles.  I'm weird that way.

But today this is what I will be like.  A committee of vultures awaiting the results of the election.  Fitting somehow.

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