Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week In Review - November 20 - 26

One thing I dislike about holidays is that it messes up my routine. Hopefully, the coming weeks will streamline a bit more and get back to normal.

It was a busy week for the most part, but I had some help.

My dishwasher on Thanksgiving Eve while I was making pies and fruit salad and other things to get them out of the way so I wasn't quite so busy on Thanksgiving.

Couple of things which happened this week are sending me to the doctor this coming week. Texter went to give blood, only to be denied because of her iron count being so low. She went in and got a vitamin regimen to help perk her up. And then Lady K did her high fever thing on Thanksgiving Day. Friday we took her in and they have her the one dose of prednisone. Fever gone! So at least we now know she does have that weird, rare immune disease (not life threatening or anything, just annoying). AND she has a low iron count.

So in light of the fact we all pretty much eat the same diet, and I've been feeling draggy and 'not myself' lately, I'm going in to the doctor on Tuesday to have my iron level checked and to get started on a weight loss program. Texter wants to drop a few pounds too and Savvy wants us all to eat 'better', so let the menu planning and eating habit changes commence.

Friday night was the Parade of Lights and we walked down to watch it. Santa scared Kayden when we came over to shake her hand. Savvy and I were in awe of his outfit.

Actually, the hard part was to keep Savvy from leaping over the railings and snatching his coat! This is one of the best Santas I've ever seen.

This is the first year Lady K actually understood what was going on. You watch a parade and you get candy! The Helena parade is far from Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. We don't even have a marching band in it (sigh), but it's fun. This is it was cold, but not too cold or snowy.

Otherwise, this past week...

  • Went over programs I want to do for 2017 at the library and have approval on most of them in some form. EXCITED!
  • Only 3000 words left to go for NaNoWriMo
  • Wrote 5 posts
  • Finished 1 book
  • Walked only 49% of my step goal (this not feeling up to snuff is boring!)
  • Finished my Color Tipped Scarf and just need to weave in some ends
  • Watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix. Really great job. I always wanted to be Lorelai Gilmore, the really cool mom
  • Made Thanksgiving dinner with the help from the girls
  • Made reservations for Breakfast with Santa in December

The coming week:

  • Trip to doctor for iron check and weight loss plan
  • Finish up 3000 words and "win" NaNoWriMo
  • Start working on programs for 2017 
  • First Friday out at the Painted Pot with the girls
  • Start on my 'organizing' of things for 2017 start
  • Figure out exactly what planners/notebooks for what purpose in 2017

Once I figure out why I am so listless (despite taking my vitamins most days), I hope my energy level goes up. I want to start a home yoga practice to improve my flexibility and a walking plan to get my steps back up to 10,000 a day.

But in case you have ever wondered, washi tape makes a great bandaid for those boo-boo's which only you know about.

Off for more coffee, 3000 words being written and weaving in ends on the scarf.

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  1. That IS a fantastic santa! I'm so sorry Lady K has an immune disorder. Even when not life-threatening, they're a complication. And prednisone is dicey stuff, so hopefully she doesn't have too many more of thos fevers, poor thing. :(
    As for low iron's common! I was told to eat liver or tongue the day before going in to give blood. I take an iron supplement daily now (can't bring myself to eat red meat daily, though I do consume a lot of spinach). Sometime it's consumption, and sometimes it's your body's ability to process it, you know?
    I hope your energy perks back up soon (sleeping enough? getting enough vitamin B?). I can recommend the keto diet for losing weight and having more energy, as well as a few other perks.
    Have a lovely week coming up!


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