Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week In Review - February 5 - 11

As I sat here this morning and watched another beautiful Montana sunrise slowly unfold over the mountains in the distance, I was disgruntled with myself for feeling....well, a bit unsettled. Or rootless. Or not 'centered'.

I hate the feeling, especially when it lingers and lingers. And then I have to go back and tell myself I am entitled to feel this way...

As long as I don't wallow in it and expect everyone to 'poor, pity me'.


Second cup of coffee started, the sun has painted the sky with a wash of purple and orange. The Sleeping Giant is still slumbering with a blanket of white around his knees. There is a naked three year old in my bed watching 'booka' and eating a ham sandwich for breakfast. (don't ask) 

And as I look back over my week, I realize, once again, just how blessed I truly am.

So pulling up my big-girl panties (literally and figuratively), I will recount my week.

Photography by Maureen Shaughnessy
Artwork by ME!

I was able to be creative yesterday at the WONDERFUL 1 + 1 = 1 Gallery. Owner, Maureen Shaughnessy, along with her super talented husband, Tim, run a fantastic place to just 'chill'. Not only that, but Maureen is constantly encouraging art from everyone. So while Lady K was up the street at a birthday party, I hung out and created. What fun to go home with paint on my hands, because as everyone knows, you haven't really painted until you have it on your fingers.

The only problem with this bout of creativity is I want to go out and get my own paints and gesso and 'stuff'. And I can't. Or rather shouldn't. Thinking minimal! Thinking big move in 15 months!

And speaking of Lady K, a bit of an upset this week for her at daycare with a little boy in her class who has some 'issues'. Final results, Lady K was 'promoted' early into the Moose room. She has been wanting to go to the Moose room for ages and some of the kids she knew from the Bear room (where she was) had moved up when they were 4 and she knows one of the teachers really well. So, we went from Bear to Moose and hopefully an end to her issues with this child.

Otherwise this week...

  • The windshield on my new/old car was replaced
  • Walk through a potential rental and filled out and turned in application
  • On track with my ICWM letter writing (cheated a bit as I had a ton of thank you notes to get out)
  • 72% of steps walked (still over 50%, so while not jumping up and down, am ok with it)
  • Finished 1 book and received 3 books to review
  • Wrote 3 posts
  • Compiled a ton of notes for my Writer's Roundtable in March on creating characters

This week...

  • Appointment this morning for ALL of us to go see the potential rental (fingers crossed)
  • If all goes well, move into new house, getting internet set up and dogs out of kennel and hopefully, a more 'settled' feeling
  • Work on Bite Me, getting 2500 words solidified
  • Work on handout for the Writer's Roundtable
  • Valentine's Day Party at daycare on Tuesday
  • Write more letters!
  • Knock out more on the Hadley sweater (hopefully get to the parting of the sleeves!)
  • Finish up a couple of books


Need to concentrate on taking my vitamins (more for mental than physical) and to think of the 'what I do have' rather than 'what I can't do/can't have'. In other words...

Pull out the big girl panties (of which I have a lot of) and put them on. There is nothing worse than too small of a pair of panties and having them slip down all the time!

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