Tuesday, January 24, 2017

For February! InCoWriMo!


I had originally planned to not take part in any challenges in 2017. Instead I was going to put my head down and work on things I had piled up which needed to be completed.

And then life stepped in and changed that.

I follow Kara on Bohoberry for all things planners and organizing and fun (and a giveaway too). Her latest post brought InCoWriMo to my attention.

International Correspondence Writing Month, or InCoWriMo, is to encourage writing. The goal is to send 28 letters (or postcards) in 28 days.

Used with permission of Kara at www.bohoberry.com

And since I am working on a program for April for the library about letter writing, this seemed to be a great 'primer'.

Check out Kara's post as she has a ton of additional information and links. I'm actually being lazy and need to get out a ton of thank you notes before the start of February!

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