Saturday, April 15, 2017

100 Day Challenge Wrap-Up

Has it really been 100 days?

Where did they go?

So my goals for the 100 days, were not physically tough (for the most part), but more mentally tough. Basically, it was going back into the Temple of Fire and seeing what could be salvaged.

  1. Get back into the house and pull out what fabrics and fibers I can.
  2. Check them and see what can be salvaged and throw away what can't be (too smokey).
  3. Reevaluate my 'stash' of fibers and fabrics to see exactly where I stand.

Last Tuesday Texter and I went back into the house and pulled out the last of the items which we felt were worth salvaging.  Fortunately, I had 'organized' prior to the fire and moved a lot of items down into the basement, which was relatively untouched. So I have several bins (probably way too many for CJ to understand) of fabric and fibers which survived.

I have also been knitting like crazy. I started the #100dayproject  and have been happily knitting along on a rotation which will (hopefully) get me through several projects I have started (and still more in the wings).

I haven't gotten into the fabric, but have plans for some project bags once May 5 rolls around and I am no longer working. I can't leave sewing out (no where to keep it out), so I have to set it up, sew, and put it all back up. So no big projects!

I think the major benefit of this 100 day challenge was allowing me to focus on 'pieces' or 'steps' rather than the overall, overwhelming, thought of walking back into the house. And we won't discuss my books which are a loss.

But it is nice to know quilt tops in the works are ok. My Judy Niemeyer stash of patterns and fabrics ready for massive paper piecing work are all ok. The art quilts I was in the process of designing and working on are ok. Lots of my stash are hunky-dory.

We are now settled in a rental until May, 2018 when I can put all these bins in a moving truck and head back to North Carolina. 


  1. Sorry you had a fire, but sounds like you have made the best of it. 100 days often gets us started. Gi

  2. Glad to read that your stash survived mostly intact. Husbands and partners will never understand the scale of a sewing stash, so it is better to let them remain in blissful ignorance I have found! Sadly house moves and fires (!) mess that strategy up bigtime :)


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