Friday, January 04, 2008

Trumpet Princess Back Home

She came home yesterday afternoon. She supposedly wandered around town for the past 24 hours. As cold as she was I suppose at least part of it is true. But the hard part is about to start. The why she did it (she doesn't like being yelled at) and addressing problems therein.

So a lot of aspirin in my future, but I still refuse to let this get me back into the "black" and will keep moving forward into the light.

This is an affirmation I created a few weeks ago. It seems appropriate for today to help me move forward.

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  1. Judy...
    I can feel the warmth way over here!! BREATHE!!! I totally understand your "dark" side...please allow your shadow muse to have a piece of paper and a crayon to send you a message and get out whatever she needs to will be surprised what you might learn...The more you surround yourself with the warmth and the affirmations the more comes your way!
    Blessings to you on this Saturday morning....I will see you Monday...
    Artfully Yours


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