Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

I can't believe another year has passed already. But I feel I am on my way already to hopefully, successfully fulfilling some of my "intentions" for the coming year.

Yesterday I "played". I walked up to the post office with Noel and picked up some priority mail envelopes to use for the tyvek beads I have been wanting to try for some time now. With the help of Trumpet Princess, I splashed Luminere paints over it, but it up and rolled and heated.

Yes, there are some fumes involved, but if you are baking a chocolate cake, you never notice! And I wound them around a piece of wire clothes hanger rather than a wooden skewer to make the hole smaller. Some I wrapped with metallic threads. I plan on hanging them off a journal page. I also heated up a larger piece of paper to see what would happen and came up with a pretty interesting piece. I still have 2 81/2 x 11 pieces. Somehow I think at least part of these will end up on pages for a journal page swap I have joined at "A Girl and her Journal". I have an idea for a visual journal page. Right now (and will have to decide in the next few minutes, I can't decide whether to continue in my current journal or to start a new "visual" journal....probably go with a new journal for the visual stuff.

Waiting to see if friends and I are going to make it to the covered bridge and little walk associated with it. If not, then I will take Noel on a walk later today. Suppose to be in the mid 50's today and then in the 30's with a chance of a little snow flurries tomorrow. Not that anything will stick or last, but maybe it will be enough to get Trumpet Princess out of the "snow" mood.

Speaking of the girls, ha, ha, I get to stay at home for the rest of the week starting tomorrow and they have to go to school! I'm on vacation! I'm going to set up the sewing machine in front of the TV and sew and watch "stuff". And play in my journal and walk some and nibble on chocolate cake!


  1. Happy New Year! May I have a piece of your chocolate cake??? &rew

  2. I have these on my list to try this year too!! LOL
    All so...I have started the affirmations for this year and hope you still would love to play along...
    take a look...


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