Monday, January 07, 2008

Tyvek beads and journal page

Today's affirmation is actually a page I did a few days ago and tied on my tyvek beads at the bottom of the page. This is a journal I am devoting entirely to visual journaling. The spread is entitled "Today I Played". I gave myself permission to get out paints and images and cut things out of old magazines and PLAY. I painted the backgrounds for 3 pages for a journal swap which I have since finished up and will take pictures of shortly and post about my intentions for 2008. But with all the "seriousness" of daily life I think you have to give yourself permission to not do what you are "suppose" to be doing and do want you want to do.

I have walked almost 15 miles (officially) since January 1, so a little over 2 miles a day and that's while on vacation. Only 85 more miles by the end of the month.....hopefully.

The weather today turned summer-like. The 20's last week during the day, the 70's this week. And I am not sick why?

Despite upset with Trumpet Princess, I am maintaining "no more blackness", so hopefully we will all pull through intact.

So I have walked today, 5 miles, I have racked some leaves that are still in my yard and blogged. So this evening will be spent finishing up a couple of pages and hopefully doing some writing.


  1. Oh Judy...Permission to play! Such a fabulous thing!! I love the bracelet too!! GREAT JOB with the walking!! My thoughts are with you during this time...

  2. Beautiful journal! That is so great that you are walking everyday. You are an inspiration! I think we have all dealt with periods of depression and I think it happens when we let other people affect our self worth. My thoughts are with you while you deal with teenage angst. May you have the strength to deal with it and the grace to let yourself be human.


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