Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crisis at 4am!

See this.....this is a coffee pot.....the lifeline of my morning routine. I get up at 4:00-4:15am and start the coffee, walk the dog briefly, usually do a load of wash, load of dishes, get the girls up, make my lunch and lastly make a HUGE mug of coffee, ok latte, to take to work and leave the house a 5:30am.
This morning I pour in the water, put in the filter, add coffee, hit on and the light comes on, but no gurgling, no water coming through little hole. Faint, gasp, rapid heartbeat....how will I make it through the day!
So out to the outside storage closet I run where an old, slighty wonky one was and I prayed it worked and I hadn't put it out there rather than the trash can because it didn't work. I quickly rinsed off months and months of dust and spiders and cobwebs, poured water in and turned it on. IT WORKED!
So after 1 pot of water through it, I ran a pot of coffee. Ok, some people are probably going to die that I didn't disinfect it, scald it, but I NEEDED MY COFFEE!
So all hail the poor old coffee pot, neglected and abused, but working!
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  1. I have a "toaster" story that sounds very much like your "coffee pot" story. Packed the old one away for a new one... that turned out to be a hunk of crap! Pulled out the "old one" and apologized to it!

  2. Re: judy h in nc: Hola... No they are painted... and are two cards sewn together on my sewing machine. Are you doing the abstract exchange too?


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