Saturday, December 29, 2007


This is one of the squares from Carla's Blanket I am knitting. I had decided to knit it up out of scraps of yarn I have and not buy any more yarn to make it. Therefore, it will probably be the uglist afghan in history, colorwise. And since I am making 2, there will be 2 ugly afghans.

I have completed 2 sets of the first 2 squares they released and have started on the second 2. I have a box all set where I will put my squares as I knit them, so at least I am semi-organized.

I am also knitting up a hobo bag to use as a grocery bag. I am doing A LOT more walking than I use to, for various reasons. Mostly, to get off my butt and finely get below 200. I was 237 about 4 months ago on a quick doctor's visit. I am now down to 219. And it has all been done by eating better and getting more active. As part of my "5 Year Plan" I look at my walking as training for walking the Appalachian Trail when I retire.

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