Friday, December 28, 2007


This is Noel, the rescued dog. She has just about doubled in weight from the skin and bones, literally, she was. She's a sweet dog and we are all working out peeing and poohing (outside, not in) and all in all, saving her ass has not been a problem.

Now I have had dogs before and I have never had a chewing problem. There are bones and chew sticks everywhere now in the house.

Her favorite chew toys.....the inner soles of MY shoes and the laces there on, AND, MY KNITTING NEEDLES!

It is hard to get mad at something that looks at you like this, but I am the mother of teenagers and have a stronger will than to be fooled by that look of innocence and repentance. Especially when I look over and find a big wad of Manos yarn and the chewed end of a circular needle!

I know the picture is blurry. That's because I am trying not to come completely unglued. Luckily, she has only gotten to my Clover bamboo needles and not my set of Lantern Moon needles which would have had her happy butt on the street corner with a "need a home" sign on her neck.

But we shall overcome....if it kills us! By the way, that is the start of a Feather and Fan shawl in reds.

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