Friday, December 14, 2007

New Dog and PIF

Need to get birthday present for BF out of the way before Christmas actually gets here. And then too, I have committed myself to a PIF (Play it Forward) with Kirsten.

This is just another way I am working toward validating myself as an artist. Like so many of us, I have played down that side and said "oh, it's nothing" when I have created/made something and have gotten compliments on it. Or as I was recently hunted down at work and had someone ask me to knit something for them of importance (a replacement Christmas stocking for their grown son....luckily not for this Christmas). So in the spirit of the "game", if there are actually 3 people out there reading this blog (which I am going to try to update more regularly, then leave your name and you will get a hand made something in 2008 from me. I knit, draw, bead, just about anything artistic, so who knows what you might end up with.

Oh, and I have been asked to knit hats for 2 people too in the last week.

Otherwise, we are the new family to a part whippet dog. She was found starving on the roadside by some people who couldn't keep her due to having 3 dogs already. My 3 cats are adapting to bullying her around. She's sweet, named Noel for the season, and pictures should appear soon.

Off to work to earn money for art suppiles and dog food.

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