Saturday, January 01, 2011

Getting Ready for the New Year

With 2011 just a few hours old, I finished up getting my calendar and a sketchbook ready to go.

DSCN1629 My calendar for 2011 is a Moleskine daily calendar.  I decorated the outside with images and words and quotes I culled from magazines over the past couple of months.


I put some kind of image or word or quote on each page of the calendar.  I didn’t want it to be ‘just a calendar’.  Might also use it as a ‘mini-journal’ for the year too.

 DSCN1631 Then, one of the projects I have signed up for 2011 is the Sketchbook Challenge (see button on the sidebar).


Hopefully, this will make me ‘do’ art every day.  I had fun creating the front page at work.  I think that is where most of my drawing will take place.  Will help keep me sane during phone calls. 

 DSCN1633 And this is my side table.  Complete with journals and note cards and my Christmas cactus and colored pencils.  I have been in an organizing, cleaning phase so far during vacation.  Only problem is my area got the short straw in is last.  However, that could work out to my benefit in that I now have the rest of my vacation to do what I want to do.


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